BUFFALO, N.Y. - The high school football game that gained national attention when it was abruptly suspended is still under review by league officials and Buffalo Police call it an incident which "remains open, but at this time no arrests have been made."

Bishop Timon hosted St. Joe's under the lights at Fitzpatrick field at Tift Farm. St. Joe's quarterback Casey Kelly was hit while out of bounds and then a fight broke out. Players from both teams were in a brawl as captured on video.

The game was suspended with over six minutes left in the second quarter. Timon led 2-0.

NFL draft prospect and current Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly ran on the field and had to be restrained. He has since called his actions "a bad decision."

"If I could've did it differently, I definitely would have," he said. "I obviously wouldn't have went and ran on the field of course, but I regret doing it, but at the same time I'm sure any of us, if we seen a family member out there in need of help, we would've came to the rescue too."

Chad Kelly graduated from St. Joe's.

St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute sent the following statement to 2 On Your Side when we inquired about possible punishments and if the game will be rescheduled.

"At St. Joe's, we expect our young men and coaches to hold themselves to the highest standards in the community and on the athletic field, regardless of the circumstances. We are reviewing the unfortunate incident that occurred last evening during the Varsity football game at Timon-St. Jude, and looking forward to the review by the Msgr. Martin High School Athletic Association, to determine what action, if any, the school will take in response to what occurred."

Western New York High School Sports analyst Dick Gallagher was not at the game, but said, "this has got to be a wake up call for the Catholic hierarchy, the presidents of the schools, particularly the big four. They've got to get their act together with regard to the intensity of these games, in many cases the unsportsmanlike conduct, and it goes right through the coaches, players, parents."

Timon's Athletic Director did not respond to our request for information.

Gallagher offered a bit of history on big games. "From 1932-1947, Canisius and St. Joes did not play, why - because the Bishop stopped them from playing because the Bishop was not happy with the unsportsmanlike conduct being displayed. This is 2016 and when you go to a game, like St. Joe's and Timon, and there are a number of police there, that speaks volumes."

A Buffalo police spokesman said they want to hear from Monsignor Martin League officials on whether or not the game will be rescheduled.

The league has not responded to our requests for information. They are going to carefully review the game report from the officials on the field that night.

As to whether or not the game will be rescheduled, Gallagher said, "It should be continued somewhere, but who knows. Every week there's a game schedule right through the championships in November. So they would have to be able to play with three or four days notice and I don't know if the administrations of the schools are going to go for that or if the coaches are going to go for that."