HAMBURG, N.Y. -- 2 On Your Side followed the paths of the severe storms Thursday and met up with a Hamburg woman who was one of the first people to take pictures of the damage at Hamburg Gaming.

This casino is where one of the tornadoes first touched down in Hamburg, causing extensive damage.

"It came in that there were hundreds of cars damaged at the casino and I thought, 'how?'" asked Maria Johnson.

Johnson was at home in Hamburg when her kids told her about the tornado warning. She decided to go check out the damage.

"I was probably maybe three or four minutes out after it happened, and I was shocked because we had never seen anything like that, and one gentleman, he was very happy to show me the piece of wood that went right through the top of his truck, and thank God he wasn't sitting in it, it was right through the driver's side," said Johnson.

Johnson followed the track of the storm to Marie Drive in Hamburg were several trees fell onto homes.

"The whole road -- you could just see it was devastated," she said.

We then followed the destruction to South Wales and Holland, where Route 16 remained closed Thursday night.

And in West Falls, several families were without power dealing with downed trees. Ron Walczak's road was closed.

"It just tore right through. I live on the top of the hill here and it kind of just missed us actually," said Walczak.

After seeing all the damage first hand, Johnson is glad no one lost their lives.

"At least nobody's life was taken from anybody and you clean up afterwards and there's going to be paperwork and all that stuff, but you just deal with it one day at a time," she said.

On Marie Drive, the Red Cross is going around to see if anyone needs help.