ATTICA, N.Y. -- The rain forced several businesses in Attica to close early Thursday causing an inconvenience to customers and business owners

In other parts of the town, neighbors were dealing with damaged yards.

"This is actually the gravel from up the road that we're putting back in the hole here," said Dave Conlin.

Conlin was at work when his wife called to let him know their daughter's driveway was washing away in Attica.

"We've had some pretty good rain storms before, but this was quite a drencher," said Conlin.

There were rain-soaked communities across Wyoming and Genesee Counties Thursday, including Batavia, where cars drove through the water that wasn't deep enough to close roads. In Alexander, Railroad Avenue closed to traffic when Tonawanda Creek spilled over its banks and covered the road with 6 to 8 inches of water. Attica also took several other hits.

"We received about 3 1/2 inches of rain in a two hour period of time," said Anthony Santora, Director of Fire and Emergency Management for Wyoming County.

Crews closed at least six roads in Wyoming County. Attica's wastewater treatment facility flooded, but no one lost service, and part of a newly paved French Road collapsed in Attica. The emergency management director says some roads could be closed for months -- and says don't even think about driving through the flood water.

"There's a lot of roads that the pavement is still there, but there's nothing under the pavement, so it's like a bridge to nowhere," says Santora.

As for Conlin, he's taking this all in stride and hopes to finish fixing the driveway soon.

"Little surprises as you go along at a new house out in the country. Used to live in town, now they're out here, and they get a lot of wind, and a lot of wind damage, and things like this happen," said Conlin.