BUFFALO, NY-- This month marks eight years since Flight 3407 crashed in Clarence Center killing 50 people.

Today, the families of those victims are in our nation's capitol lobbying lawmakers to make sure something like that doesn't happen again.

They're particularly worried about the FAA Reauthorization bill.

Following the crash of Flight 3407, the families fought for stronger pilot training standards and increased down time between flights for pilots.

This September... the FAA reauthorization package expires and the families don't want those changes to go away.

Jennifer West's husband, Ernie, was on Flight 3407. She wants to make sure the victims are remembered.

"That is why we do it, it's easy for people to forget, but we can't forget because there's a huge hole in our lives," says West. "I mean, her father wasn't here to see anything, that she has become a great young girl and he's not here. So we live with it every day, we can never forget."

Jennifer and Ernie's daughter Summer was just a toddler when the crash occurred. Today she has only the stories of her father and what happened aboard Flight 3407.