BUFFALO, N.Y. - A former Buffalo Police Officer is renewing her fight to get her disability pension, nearly ten years after it was denied.

Cariole Horne and her supporters are asking the state comptroller to reverse that denial which was issued back in 2007. Horne was hurt while trying to stop a fellow officer from making an arrest.

She says she was trying to keep that officer from choking the handcuffed suspect, but arbitration hearings on the matter ended in her being fired.

Horne and her supporters say they've collected more than 170,000 signatures from all over the country in her bid for her pension.

"There is support from all over and people say what can I do, what can i do," says Horne.

Horne says she also wants to establish "Cariole's Law" and set up a foundation to help officers who are fired for speaking out against injustices they see within their departments.