BUFFALO, NY - Just a week after the huge Tesla sign went up at the South Buffalo Riverbend Factory, a huge celebration kicks off celebrating the man behind the name, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla is known as the father of alternating current (AC) power. On November 16, 1896, the Niagara Falls Power Company transmitted alternating current to Buffalo. The transmission traveled through 22 miles of cable, to a terminal house on Brace Street (now a driveway next to the Mentholatum Building on Niagara Street).

The power was then relayed down the block to the Buffalo Railway Company, to power street cars. The rest, as they say, is history.

That history will be celebrated starting Friday night (9/22) in the first-ever Buffalo-Niagara Tesla Festival. The month-long celebration kicks off a series of events Friday (September 22) evening with Tesla Fest: Electric Circus from 8 until midnight at the Barrel Factory, 65 Vandelia Street, Buffalo.

There is a complete schedule of events on the Tesla Fest website.