BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Department of Justice is stepping in to help lower the crime rate in Buffalo.

The city is one of 12 across the country that will receive this help.

The federal program involving the Queen City and its police department was still being worked out Tuesday at a Washington, D.C. summit.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said it has been discussed with the Justice department through the U.S. Attorney's Office in Buffalo.

Mayor Brown says the partnership could result in "money to be used to combat drugs, guns, and gangs."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited certain statistics during the meeting.

"In 2015 we as a nation suffered the largest single increase in violent crime since 1991 and the largest increase in murder 11% since 1968," Sessions said. "The preliminary data for the first half of 2016 shows further increases with large cities seeing an average increase in murders of nearly 22% compared with the same period the year before."

There will apparently be as yet unspecified grant funding as well as part of this program to help the Buffalo Police and other law enforcement agencies. Other cities involved include Toledo, Lansing, Cincinnati, and Houston.