MIDDLEPORT, N.Y. -- More than 60 animals were signed over to the Niagara County SPCA Tuesday morning after they were seized from a Middleport farm last week, according to SPCA officials.

The animals include 45 cattle, two pigs, 12 ducks and several cats taken from a farm on Drum Road last week.

SPCA officials seized the animals due to poor living conditions. The animals were found thin and weak from lack of food and several dead cattle were also found on the property.

The animals' owner, Richard Heschke, has been charged with not providing them with enough food and medical care.

Tuesday morning, Heschke signed over all of the animals to the Niagara County SPCA.

The SPCA says it will drop the civil case against Heschke, which would have required him to post a bond for the care of the animals during his criminal trial period. However, he must still face his criminal charges.

"We don't aim to punish Heschke in this case, but to prevent him from owning animals in the future. It is clear that he could not care for the animals in his possession," SPCA Officer Zaninovich said.

The SPCA plans to be in contact with anyone who is interested in providing loving homes for the animals taken from the Drum Road farm.

You can contract the Niagara County SPCA at 716-731-4368.