BUFFALO, N.Y. - Families of Flight 3407 crash victims are not keeping silent about a recommendation to scale back aviation safety rules for airline pilot qualifications.

John Kausner vowed to keep working because "since our law was enacted, not a single life has been lost on an American plane crash." He's been to the nation's capitol many times and will keep the pressure on lawmakers.

Kausner's daughter Elly was 24-years-old when she died on the Flight 3407 in Clarence Center in 2009. 50 people died, including one person on the ground in a house. The pilots apparently tried to abort the landing, but the plane violently pitched and rolled and seconds later crashed into a house.

The FAA adopted the rule on pilot qualification at Congress' direction after the fatal crash.

The current safety rules require first officers to have at least 1,500 hours of flying experience, the same minimum requirement for captains. The committee voted Thursday to make the recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration.The report recommends giving commercial airline pilot licenses to pilots with less than 1,500 hours if they receive acceptable academic training from their airline

Marilyn Kausner said "this should not boil down to $5 more for an airline ticket," adding "the American public needs to realize that this could mean the difference between life or death and that's what it was for us....we will not give up."

The committee said it was offering the recommendations in response to President Donald Trump's directives to cut government regulations.