NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- The Niagara Falls Water Board has provided more information on what appeared to be another smelly, dark-colored discharge Tuesday, following the major black water incident July 29.

The board again claimed heavy rainfall from passing storms caused an overflow, meaning the plant receives more water than it can process, and so it is permitted to overflow the hundred foot weir. It also said the incident was appropriately reported via the NY Alert System and State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPEDS) permit.

Rolfe Porter, Niagara Falls Water Board Executive Director, also released the following statement:

The NFWB permit takes into account the design limitations of the existing wastewater treatment plant, which has a filtering capacity of 60 million gallons per day. The team is currently looking at the actual amount and volume that entered the system on August 15th, in order to get a full and accurate calculation. As was discussed with the DEC, our organization continues to look at potential updates and improvements that could enhance our filtering capacity.

This statement follows a top DEC official, Executive Deputy Commissioner Ken Lynch, visiting the wastewater treatment plant Wednesday afternoon. The DEC has said it is investigating both the Tuesday and July 29th incidents.

“There’s certainly concern from the public, which in turn we have concerns about, and we want to make sure the public is protected and this great natural resource is protected. That’s why we’re fully investigating,” Lynch said Tuesday.