BUFFALO, N.Y. -- After a brawl last week between St. Joesph's (St. Joe's) and Timon suspended a game, there is more fallout before St. Joe's homecoming game Saturday.

Sources told 2 On Your Side that players were threatening to turn in their jerseys and not play in protest of the suspension of one of their players following the brawl.

The fight broke out after St. Joe's QB Casey Kelly was hit out of bounds after a play had ended. Timon was leading 2-0 at the time.

Casey's brother, Chad Kelly, current Ole Miss QB and former Quarterback at St. Joe's, ran onto the field when the fight broke out.

Police said nobody was arrested, but they did escort the St. Joe's players to their buses after the game.

The Monsignor Martin High School Athletic Association cracked down on St. Joe's and Bishop Timon, imposing a double forfeit, meaning both schools were given a loss.

St. Joe's also suspended one player, but he will be allowed to play Saturday as the appeals process continues.

WGRZ high school sports analyst Dick Gallagher says this is uncharted territory for the teams.

"Usually the game's going on. Someone does unsportsmanlike conduct. They're ejected from the game by an official. This time - the game was canceled."

"The game was called. So no one was official ejected. So that had to come from within the administration and the coaches of St. Joe's and Timon. And St. Joes' kids don't feel that's fair."

There's a lot on the line at Saturday's homecoming game against Canisius.

"It's a tremendous revenue generator -- whoever hosts it. Whether its Canisius or St. Joe's. The biggest thing is that you have thousands of people who bought tickets who are going to this game. You have tremendous numbers of alumni from both schools attending. It's one of the best rivalries not only in this area. In the state. It has to be played and must be played."

Later Friday, 2 On Your Side learned the suspended St. Joe's player had been declared eligible to play in Saturday's game against Canisius. Kick-off is scheduled for 1 p.m.