BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Luke Snyder is a major Bills fan, although he doesn't live in Western New York.

Snyder is such a fan, he turned biking from his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana to Orchard Park for a Bills game from a joke into reality.

Snyder completed the approximately 500 mile trip Saturday afternoon.

"It started out kind of as a joke with me and my friends," Snyder said. "I bike a lot living in downtown Indianapolis. I ride around for fun and it's my main form of transportation. Being a big Bills fan, I joked about how it would be cool to ride up to the stadium. As time went by, it started to get more serious."

In the spring, Snyder said he set a date for the feat and just "went for it."

He started his trip on Tuesday and rode about 75 to 80 miles a day.

"It was cold a couple of days," he said. "But I missed the rain, so I'm happy about that."

How did he become such a Bills fan?

"I was just kind of born and raised one," he said. He explained he has a lot of family in the Attica, Alexandria and Batavia areas.

When asked how he was getting back, Synder said he was not about to log more miles on his bike -- his family will give him a ride back.

However, before he worries about his trip back, Snyder still has to secure tickets for the Bills game.

Anyone interested in helping Snyder out with a ticket for himself and a few of his family members is asked to email him at lukesnyder88@yahoo.com.