BUFFALO, NY-Erie County's Ethics Board says Sheriff Tim Howard did not violate the county ethics code by attending a pro-Trump rally in his uniform last month.

The ruling follows several complaints that were filed against the sheriff following the April 1st event in Niagara Square.

It started when Howard spoke in uniform in front of the pro-Trump "Spirit of America" rally where some rally-goers brought confederate flags.

Erie County Democratic chair Jeremy Zellner called it "disgraceful" and asked Howard to resign... and asked the state attorney general's office to investigate.

The sheriff responded saying he doesn't support groups that use violent and discriminatory rhetoric... but won't denounce groups exercising their first amendment right to do things like display the confederate flag.

Ethics Board chairman Steven Schwartz tells 2 On Your Side the board's ruling relates only to the county code and not other questions or concerns about Howard's appearance at the event.