BUFFALO, NY – The Erie County Stadium Corporation will meet on Friday, at which time the agency is expected to address some housekeeping issues regarding New Era Field, the current home of the NFL Buffalo Bills.

The agency was formed in 1994 by New York State, when the state funded renovations to the stadium which is owned by Erie County.

The county leases the stadium to the Stadium Corporation, which then subleases the property to the Bills.

"They're required to meet annually under New York law, and that's exactly what they’re doing tomorrow," said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

Sources tell WGRZ-TV the only item on the agenda, is to amend the lease to reflect the Bills’ purchase of three acres of land near the stadium last year to expand their practice field.

Poloncarz noted that the Erie County Stadium Corporation is an agency which concerns itself with the current stadium and stadium lease, and not any future stadium.

Meanwhile, a separate group formed to study and address issues surrounding future planning for a new stadium, the “New Stadium Working Group,” has not – despite its name- been doing much “working” lately according to Poloncarz.

“I don’t think they’ve actually met for about 2 years,” said Poloncarz.

In truth, the only fingers that could pull the trigger on a new stadium would be those of team owners Terry and Kim Pegula, who seem in no hurry to do so according to both Poloncarz and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer.

“Mr. Pegula doesn’t feel any rush to build a stadium,” Schumer told Channel 2 News. “I’m meeting with him (Pegula) in two weeks and it's one of the issues we'll discuss...and when the day comes when he’s ready to pursue it, and if the community supports it, then I will do all I can to get behind that effort,” Schumer said.