ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. -- The American Lung Association is out with its annual Air Pollution report, and the results for Western New York counties aren't great. 

According to the report, 125 million Americans are living in areas with unhealthy levels of pollution.  

Ozone pollution is of specific concern in Western New York. 

This year, the air quality report gives Erie County a D grade. 

Last year, there were nine days where ozone levels reached unhealthy levels. 

Chautauqua also received a D rating.

Things are a little better in Niagara County, which gets a B rating. 

The county only had two days when ozone levels hit the unhealthy mark. 

So what about the cities with the cleanest air? 

The new report says nearly all of them are on the East Coast, including Burlington, Vermont, and Naples, Florida. 

You can view the report online to lean more about air quality in Western New York and around the nation.