BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Days after Ciminelli Real Estate closed on its purchase of several buildings in the Elmwood Village near the intersection of Elmwood and Bidwell, neighbors say they want a moratorium on demolition near where they live.

The block club members from the Elmwood Village met Wednesday night to talk about development and Buffalo's proposed green code.

The majority of the neighbors support a demolition moratorium until the green code is adopted.

Assemblyman Sean Ryan says the green code could be adopted within 45 days. He also says the consensus is that people don't want to see any more five-story buildings go up.

Ciminelli is proposing a mixed use development involving the building that housed the old J.P. Bullfeathers restaurant.

"The neighborhood is unique. It should remain that way. There's plenty of empty space in Buffalo that needs work. Elmwood should be left alone. I'm not saying not to restore things, but that's my goal is to keep it as we know it. That's what people come to see. The uniqueness. They don't want to see new condos, new buildings," says Elmwood Village resident Sandra Girage.

Neighbors are trying to get the common council to support their demolition moratorium.