BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A proposed Ciminelli Real Estate mixed-use project in the Elmwood Village continues to get a lot of opposition from residents of that area.

In a packed community meeting Thursday night, neighbors say the height and length of the proposed project violates the newly adapted Green Code and that it just doesn't fit in.

When the Arbor and Reverie project (now just Reverie) was first proposed, it was going to be five stories tall.

That aspect, along with the demolition of several Elmwood Village homes, were among the two biggest criticisms from residents, in addition to concerns over parking and how it could hurt local business.

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation has since changed the design so that it is four stories tall. They've taken steps to reform the original plan and have withdrawn demolition permits for the "Arbor" portion of the project until further notice.

Still, residents feel rehabilitating original homes should be a priority. More than anything, neighbors feel Reverie should comply with the law.

The other popular sentiment regarding those variances, which basically seeks exception to the law, is that they shouldn't be needed during a time of economic growth.

As one speaker put it, variances were acceptable back when any development was better than none. Now, however, residents feel variances should only be granted in very rare circumstances.

More than 100 people signed up to speak, but the length of the meeting couldn't fit in everyone, so many people plan to mail in their comments.

The variances in question have to be reviewed as well as approved by the city before this project can move forward.

An attorney for the project said that the final design continues to evolve.