WEST SENECA, NY — We are celebrating Western New York, taking a look at the efforts many elementary school students in West Seneca have made to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

It's important work for a very good cause.

Elementary school students in West Seneca took on the important task of collecting supplies for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. The effort has been ongoing for the past three weeks.

On Friday, all the supplies were put in motion to eventually help those in need. Students at Allendale Elementary have an idea of where the supplies are going.

"To the hurricane people, they got hurt," one student said.

Kids collected supplies from home and donated them at school. Allendale Elementary is sending supplies like band aids, soap and school supplies.

"I think our kids really learn to be compassionate to be helpers in any way that you can to when you see a bad situation there's always something you can do to help," said Natalie Komosinski, a kindergarten teacher at Allendale Elementary.

The experience taught the kids some important organization skills.

"They were in charge of sorting the supplies putting them together for us they were in charge of going home and letting their families know what they needed in Puerto Rico," Komosinski said.

And, yes we saw kids helping eachother out.

At West Elementary, students are sending diapers and hand sanitizer.

All the supplies were taken by the West Seneca Food Pantry and brought into Buffalo to the Connecticut Street Armory. This is where donations are being accepted from the community until Tuesday and then, shipped to Puerto Rico.

In West Seneca, students, parents and teachers are proud to know they played a role in the recovery.

"I'm very proud of our school, I'm proud of our children, I'm proud of our families, I think it's wonderful that when a terrible situation arose in Puerto Rico, we really came together to help," Komosinski said.