WILSON, N.Y. - People living along Lake Ontario have every reason to be concerned as the water continues to rise.

For homes situated up high, erosion is a strong possibility. At the pier in Wilson, docks are nearly floating and walkways are completely submerged.

The lake is well over 30 inches higher than normal and still rising.

Sandbags are vital for flood protection. But more importantly, those wanting permits to be put in place protecting structures may see the process fast-tracked.

New York Lieutenant Kathy Hochul told reporters on Monday, "projects that would normally take six months to get a permit, they're getting them in 12-20 hours. We deployed additional resources in terms of The National Guard. Until you see it in person you cannot underestimate how important they are. They are literally working 8, 10, 12 hours a day filling 40 or 50 pound sand bags, putting them on pallets taking them to neighborhoods and assisting neighbors get them on their property shored up."