Buffalo, New York - The first day of summer brought several water main breaks for the Erie County Water Authority to handle.

Sean Dwyer, a member of the public relations agency hired by the authority, told us that six breaks is not really an unusual number of breaks for one day. He says they handle up to 1,200 breaks each year.

Most of the breaks were attributed to expansion of the pipes from the warmer weather. There is often the opposite effect with contraction causing breaks in the colder winter months.

The Erie County Water Authority says it is trying to replace aging infrastructure which is more than 50 years old in some cases. That is why an extra infrastructure charge was added to customer bills several years ago.

The water authority sent out text alerts and other messages to affected customers. That is a result of last summer's major water main break in Williamsville in which the ECWA was criticized for notification problems.

Most of Wednesday's breaks appeared to repaired by the end of the day. The only break that remain listed on the ECWA's website around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday was the break on Losson Rd. in Cheektowaga.