BUFFALO, N.Y. - There is a block of Roebling Avenue in Buffalo where the block club president hopes her mission to help others can inspire others across the city to form block clubs.

"Our theme is no drugs, no nonsense, no violence," said Myra Evon Robinson-Moses. Since the block club formed in 2014, she said there have been few, if any problems.

"Our community police officers are wonderful," she said while touting the efforts of a 73-year old grandmother in the block club who watches all of the children when needed.

Children are taken on library trips and there are carnivals.Robinson-Moses said it is importatnt to make sure children are cared for and included in events. Carnivals are held during the summer and this year, Roebling is planning a Buffalo Bills themed block party.

The block club leader has received awards for her work.

She is also involved with Buffalo Peacemakers.

"I've lost 2 sons, not to shootings, but to other reasons and I'm very committed to children and I felt I could give back by helping my block club," she said.

She encourages others to form block clubs and she praised the good work of the Board of Block clubs of WNY,

"A block club is just a bigger family, and that's what we are, we're a family on this street."