BUFFALO, NY — A cafe and bake shop on the East Side has fallen on some tough times and is now asking for the public's help. A driver crashed into the coffee shop earlier this month, causing extensive damage and putting people out of work.

During the early morning hours on Sunday, Aug. 6, a driver crashed into Bailey Ave. Cafe and Bake Shoppe. A brick wall smashed. Equipment inside including an oven and a cash register, destroyed. Plus food, had to be thrown out.

"Had it been during business hours it would be a different story," said Pastor Terry King, who oversees the bake shop's operations.

Pastor King said that the driver appears to be okay.

King, the CEO of Saving Grace Ministries, which operates the bake shop, says the accident has put between eight and 12 people out of work.

"They're laid off and pending just getting clarity to our next steps here," King said.

Much of what will happen here will depend on the response the ministry gets from its insurance company. The bake shop does have insurance and estimates there's been between $50,000 and $60,000 in damage and loss of revenue.

"We've been finalizing the number that we're going to be reimbursed, our insurance company, our carrier, has stepped up and really has been phenomenal hopefully by the end of this week, we'll have some clarity as to what we can reacquire," King said.

But, whatever is reimbursed won't cover all the bake shop's costs.

"We have expenses because we've been shutdown we have insurance, we have utilities and then we're going to be faced with start up expenses about how do we start the business all over again," King said.

And that's why the bake shop is asking for the public's help.

REPORTER: What would you say to the community out there, folks who are watching this know and that you guys have fallen on some hard luck?

"Appreciate the support in years past, Buffalo is a generous community and I think this is a tremendous asset to the community in what we do an who we serve," King said.

The bake shop primarily serves people of low income and opened three years to fill a need in the community. If you would like to help out the bake shop, you can visit this Go Fund Me page to make a donation.