DUNKIRK, NY - A Dunkirk woman charged with second degree murder says that she shot her boyfriend by mistake, according to court files obtained by 2 On Your Side.

The news was first reported by WNY News Now, a Channel 2 contributor.

Rebecca Ruiz, 28, thought someone named Waldo Duprey was at the other side of a door when she shot and killed her boyfriend, Julian Duman, according to a statement she made in the presence Dunkirk Police Sergeant Mark Gruber at the scene.

“I shot him! Oh my God, is he dead? Save him! I didn’t know it was Julian (Duman). I shot through the door. It was a .22 I think. I threw it over there and my cousin grabbed it. I thought it was Waldo (Duprey),” Ruiz said on scene, according to police. It is unclear who "Waldo" is, and it is also unclear what Ruiz's state of mind was when she fired through the door.

Duman, 21, was taken to Brook's Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Friends and family described him as an ambitious college student who had been taking classes at Jamestown Community College.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dunkirk Police at 716-366-2266 or the confidential tipline at 716-363-0313.

<p>Rebecca Ruiz in court for her arraignment (Photo: Justin Gould)</p>