LEWISTON, N.Y. - With the backdrop of events playing out in Washington and around the country, the daughter of a revered civil rights leader spoke Tuesday night about his lessons and how they may apply today. Dr. Bernice King discussed the current political climate in her speech at Niagara University.

She carries the legacy of her honored father. But Dr. Bernice King, who heads the center in his name, is a forceful, thoughtful speaker in her own way with her views on the Trump Administration's policies and the reaction to them. That starts with this challenge to those attending her speech at Niagara University. Rice says

"To ask questions, to dig deeper...to not let things pull you in the wrong direction. Yes...we have to let our voices be heard. But we have to be wise and shrewd in this hour."

King also called up the lessons of her father in his struggle for civil rights. Her brother's visit to meet the then President - Elect on the holiday named for their father perhaps echos her thoughts. "Dr. King taught us that one of those strategies before we even get to a thing called direct action is to negotiate. Is to talk. We gotta be smart enough to figure how to manage in this time."

And when 2 on Your Side later asked about her strategy of engagement, she explained it also involves the Capitol end of Pennsylvania Avenue. "When I'm talking about engaging I'm talking about more at the Congressional level. Because at some point the policies are gonna come out of Congress and so we have to create a strategy as to how to approach Congress."

On an interesting note, Dr. King called on the crowd to try to reach out and understand those with views that differ from their own and not to shut them out. For example, King said she has spoken with own cousin for her explanation on why she decided to vote for President Trump.