When the general contracting job for the new Burchfield Nature & Arts Center was up for grabs in 1999, nine different firms submitted bids.

The low bidder was the C H Byron Company, now out of Amherst. The firm submitted a bid of $631,000 and was awarded the contract.

These details, now 18 years old, are again significant as town government in West Seneca has to figure out what to do with the building that is now crumbling and empty. Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan had the building evacuated in January after it was discovered that the wooden frame of the structure was decaying where it attaches to the concrete foundation.

The town hired an architect to do a top to bottom inspection of the building. More problems were found. Among them, the heating and cooling system were placed in the attic. Meegan says the system was designed to be on top of the roof.

Asked last week if the construction of the Burchfield Center was botched, Meegan said should would not disagree. The town supervisor said officials are reviewing option including possible legal action.

A phone call to C H Byron was not returned.