BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Erie County District Attorney says there is a suspect in the case of a June hit-and-run crash in the city. The victim, local magazine publisher Will Jones, almost died and still can't understand why the driver who hit his vehicle never stopped.

According to the police report, an officer went to a home on Harlow Place asking for the driver, but
"(he) would not come to (the)door to speak with police."

When Channel 2's Claudine Ewing asked the District Attorney John Flynn why there wasn't a warrant, he replied: "Well, they can't force him to answer questions."

Not naming the individual, because he has not been charged, the DA says the man who was seen leaving the scene is a suspect.

"The suspect has been questioned and is being uncooperative. Now we are going to plan B, which is we are in the forensic analysis mode of the investigation," Flynn said.

If the forensics match the suspect, expect an arrest.

"Until the DNA evidence comes back, there's nothing we can hold him on. Unless we get a positive identification on him," Flynn said.

Will Jones is the publisher of Black WNY, a magazine that focuses on positive stories in Buffalo. Jones, 48, is recovering at Buffalo General Hospital.

Perhaps the biggest help for police and prosecutors is when the driver left the scene, he left the car, which makes it easier to retrieve DNA.