BUFFALO, N.Y. — If you looked into the sky in Buffalo Sunday, you may have seen strange clouds shaped liked arrows.

No — we're not in danger.

The arrows are actually part of an art project presented by the UB Art Galleries.

Artist Kim Beck’s new project “There Here" features skywriting of arrows that point to the U.S.-Canadian border along the Niagara River. Beck will photograph the arrows and then showcase them on 10 billboards scattered throughout the city beginning on Sept. 11.

Beck’s photographs put on display at the UB Anderson Gallery as part of “Wanderlust,” opening Sept. 7.

If you see the sky-written arrows, organizers ask that you take your own photographs and post them to social media with #ubskywriting and #ubwanderlust. While you're at it, use #BeOn2 and your photos might appear on the air or online.