LACKAWANNA, NY - Route 5 has reopened Saturday night.

It was reopened today around 5 p.m. Crews held off opening the road because of necessary demolition work that still needed to be done at the Bethlehem Steel site.

First responders are more positive on night three. The many agencies fighting this fire are feeling hopeful.

"We got a lot done, but we got a lot more to go," said Lackawanna Mayor Geoff Szymanski.

New holes that firefighters made in steel walls are allowing hoses to reach hot spots they couldn't get to before.

"Really getting aggressive with this firefighting, and as the Commissioner said earlier, the fire is now under control," Szymanski said.

More demolition must be done, but darkness means it'll have to wait until Saturday morning.

Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield said loose panels could be dangerous without the right light.

"We're going to do this methodically and as safely as possible," said Whitfield.

The EPA and DEC are still monitoring air quality. In a statement released Friday night, the DEC said that particulate matter levels in the air had returned to normal.

However, the many things that were and are still burning are a concern.

"There were vehicles, there were boats, there were all kinds of materials in there. In any fire, there are a number of combustibles that we may not even identify that were burning," Whitfield said. "That's why the Mayor declared an emergency, that's why we evacuated this area, that's why we've done all the things that we've done....because we're really not sure of everything that was burning in there."

The Bethlehem Park neighborhood was deemed safe enough to let residents return to their houses Friday, and Szymanski says the best part of his day was delivering that news to neighbors who are sleeping home again.

"You just want to return to normal. That's all you ever want when you have a disaster like this, so we're trying to put our pieces back together," he said. "But with all the help from the state, the federal, the city, Erie county, everyone, it was tremendous and it really means a having the artillery and the cavalry come over the hill to help. It feels good."

You can see the extent of the damage in this drone video shot by Glenn McLaughlin: