WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. - A fourth community meeting was held Wednesday night over development plans in the South Long neighborhood on the Village of Williamsville's west side.

Natale Development bought a construction yard there to put up residential housing, but community leaders proposed a change to the project.
One plan residents came up with was a land swap, allowing the new housing to go up in a park on South Long Road. But that proposal is getting some pushback.
"I don't like the idea of exchanging public land for private development. These parks have been set up here for generations of people devoted to the community," said Williamsville resident Steven Dyson.
Mayor Brian Kulpa responded, "People have painted it is 'they're going to give away park land to build apartments.' It's not true. It would be a swap. It's kind of resident v. resident at the moment."
Village leaders say they still haven't made a decision on which proposal to move forward with.