LANCASTER, NY-- Police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run involving a pedestrian in the Town of Lancaster.

2 On Your Side has confirmed the victim's name. Ryan Johns, 28, of Depew, was hit sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning on Broadway, a few hundred yards east of Pavement Road.

Police say they found Johns on the side of the road. Police believe he was hit by a westbound vehicle and are still looking for that vehicle.

Accident investigators think he may have been hit by a larger vehicle, such as a box truck or even a tractor trailer, because of the lack of vehicle debris at the scene.

"The amount of parts we did not find at the scene, if it was a car or a smaller vehicle, even a pickup truck, there would have been a lot more debris and more evidence left at the scene," said Lt. Ronald Rozler, of the Lancaster Police Department.

Lt. Rozler tells 2 On Your Side police recovered some smaller parts which they are examining for serial numbers or other identifying marks that could help them determine exactly what kind of vehicle was involved.

Lancaster Police are working with other police agencies to find the vehicle.

Detectives are also looking for businesses and homes along Broadway that may have security cameras that captured video of him walking or of the crash itself.

If anyone has any information on the accident, you're asked to call Lancaster Police at (716) 683-2800 ext.105.