BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Erie County District Attorney's Office is warning Western New Yorkers of a cell phone scam that has affected dozens, and led to New York State Police making an arrest.

The scam is called "credit muling." The scammer will offer the victim a quick way to make cash by giving him or her $100 to buy a new wireless phone contract, if the victim agrees to give the scammer the new phone that goes with the contact.

The scammer then assures the victim they won't be "on the hook" for the contract. This is because information would be "ported over" or transferred within 15 days to about a month.

The issue: wireless companies require that a phone is given back before a contract ends. So, the scam victim is required to pay monthly service fees for the length of the contract after giving away the phone.

State Police have charged Bena Albaneh, 31, of Lackawanna with Scheming to Defraud for allegedly being involved in the scam.

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of this scam is asked to call New York State Police Investigator Andre Dunlap at 716-853-2283.