NEW YORK -- Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly denied allegations that he was involved in New Jersey's Bridgegate scandal Wednesday, a day after a key witness testified that a former Port Authority Chair implicated him in it.

Bridgegate is the scandal in which a staff member and political appointees of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie allegedly colluded to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey, by closing lanes at the main toll plaza.

Cuomo says both he and Governor Christie did not plot to shut down the bridge. He also said Wednesday that what the key witness said in court amounts to inaccurate gossip.

David Wildstein already pleaded guilty in the bridge scheme and is cooperating with prosecutors. Tuesday, he said that former Port Authority Chair David Samson told him the two governors talked about issuing a report to cover up the scandal.

That alleged report was never published. Cuomo says there was no report.

"Pat Foye says it's untrue. Governor Christie says it's untrue. I say it's untrue. And then I believe the gentleman himself, Wildstein, says he wasn't sure that it happened. He had just heard it. So..." said Cuomo.

"Cuomo is saying that there was no study, he never suggested it, but there's enough here to get people excited about it. There's certainly not enough to charge either Governor Christie or Governor Cuomo with anything. You need some corroboration that they actually conspired to issue fake reports to try to cover up what really occurred on the bridge," says legal analyst Barry Covert.

Covert also says he thinks the prosecutors probably already looked into this and that this was just the first time this came out in court.

Two of Governor Christie's former aides are charged with arranging the lane closures on the bridge. Both have pleaded not guilty.