CRYSTAL BEACH, ONTARIO - Just about everybody has a story about spending time in Crystal Beach or you likely know somebody who does. Flames tore through 3720 Crystal Beach Drive early Wednesday morning. Fort Erie Deputy Fire Chief Keith German said flames were coming out o the second story at the rear. He believes that is where the fire started.

"It is suspicious," said German, "simply because there's evidence of a forced entry to the rear of the building."

Police in Fort Erie had reports of some suspicious activity in the area hours before the fire. "People were going through neighboring yards," said the Deputy Fire Chief.

This summer home has been part of a Western New York family for 57-years. They were able to save an old family photo of all 10-children.

In October, four lakefront cottages left about $2 million dollars damage. It was believed to be accidental according to fire officials.

The Crystal Beach Drive property is expected to be a total loss.