BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Supporters of President Donald Trump came out to show their patriotic pride Saturday at Niagara Square for a rally called, "Spirit of America." 

The event was advertised as a chance for people to show their support of President Trump's initiatives so far as president, including bringing back manufacturing jobs, putting security above political correctness, and improving infrastructure. 

Multiple speakers took turns with the microphone, including Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino, Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, and Don Hey of SCOPE. 

Those against many of Trump's policies also attended the rally Saturday, with homemade signs calling for an end to racism and also calling for the removal of Carl Paladino from the Buffalo School Board following his controversial remarks in the publication ArtVoice. 

Republican activist Michael Caputo says it's important to demonstrate your beliefs, whether you are for or against the president. 

"America's a place where protest is practically a sport," he says. "And it's something that everybody should do. I think it's certainly gathering in public places, speaking out in favor of the things you support."