AMHERST, N.Y. -- Mary and Jerry Susynski lost their 13-year-old daughter Erin four years ago when she was hit by a car on Maple Road.

Saturday, the couple completed a project that they hope will keep others safe in their daughter's memory.

Hundreds of people celebrated the completion of a new traffic signal and crosswalk on Saturday that stretches across Maple at Culpepper in Amherst. That's the intersection Erin was crossing when she was struck in 2012. It's near a playground.

"It was a life that was lost to really bring this about," Jerry Susynski said. "And I just don't wish this on anybody, but at this time it's good for everyone from now on."

Erin's family has also been pushing Albany for a law that would require crosswalks on all roads near playgrounds and athletic parks.

But on Saturday, the couple and their community focused on celebrating their local accomplishment by launching pink and purple balloons in the air while crying, "Erin's Crossing!"

In fundraising for the crosswalk, the couple collected more than they needed.

They are donating to other local charities in their daughter's name, including Women and Children's Hospital, Mercy Flight, Hunter's Hope, The Food Bank, SPCA Buffalo, Special Olympics and the Ronald McDonald House.