CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. -- Cheektowaga Police are investigating a violent incident that left a police officer hurt at the Walden Galleria. 

This happened a few weeks ago, but police received the details Tuesday because the officer was hurt worse than initially thought. 

The officer was trying to break up a fight between two 16-year-old girls, when several other teenagers attacked him. 

One bit his hand hard enough that it bled and got infected. Another teen hit him on the head, giving him a concussion. 

"We think that chances are good that someone may have videotaped it with their phone, or knows some information and we're asking them to come forward," said Cheektowaga Police Assistant Chief Jim Speyer. 

The two girls involved in the initial fight were arrested, and police are looking for the others who attacked the officer. 

Police want anyone who has information to call them at 716-686-3505.