BATAVIA, N.Y. -- Congressman Chris Collins was in Batavia Saturday to push for more protections for firefighters who risk their lives to save others.

The event was held at the Batavia Fire Department and focused on a bill sponsored by Rep. Chris Collins. Collins and other lawmakers are trying to implement the National Firefighter Cancer Registry Act, which would allow the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) to establish and improve how cancer rates are monitored among all firefighters with a federal registry.

There is also a state level bill that would provide expanded coverage for volunteers for all types of cancer.

"A prime example is here in Batavia," said Robin Schott, Chairman of the Firemen's Association of the State of New York (FASNY) Legislative Committee. "The Town of Batavia and the City of Batavia could go to a fire, fighting alongside each other, and if a firefighter develops cancer, he is covered with his cancer, any cancer he gets. Whereas the Town of Batavia Firefighters would not be covered."

The bill has been approved by the state senate and still needs to be approved by the state assembly.