BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Compassionate Friends is a worldwide organization for people who lost a child or children. The mother of the late Alix Rice, 18, who was killed in 2011, is part of a steering committee bringing the not-for-profit volunteer support to Buffalo.

Tammy Schueler is pleased tp help bring the volunteer group back to Buffalo. "It doesn't matter if you lose your child at 18 or you lose them at 6, if it's due to an illness, that's still learning how to deal with the grief involved with that."

Alix Rice was the victim of a hit-and-run accident. The driver, Dr. James Corasanti, was convicted of drunken driving and spent less than a year in jail.

"We're not trained professionals or anything but we've walked the walk," said Schueler about the group.

Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month. The first meeting is Tuesday, March 14, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 900 Maryvale Drive, Cheektowaga.