BUFFALO, NY-- -We first introduced you to the Comaratta family two years ago, when then six-year-old Luca had raised closed to $70,000 to help in his father's fight against Leukemia.

Ross Comaratta had taken part in the Ride for Roswell since 1999. Sadly, his bone marrow transplant ultimately proved unsuccessful. He passed away December 4th.

His wife Anne Marie, and children Luca, and Rosalie will ride in his memory Saturday.

"Obviously there are a lot of hard emotions that go along with that. I would be lying if I said I didn't have a lot of sadness this week and going into the Ride, but I also have a lot of joy because this event was so important to Ross," says Anne Marie Comaratta.

The family will be the first to light the Ride for Roswell's ceremonial torch at Friday's Celebration of Hope at UB. Anne Marie has also worked to divert some of the funds raised to help families of Roswell patients for whom insurance does not cover the cost of bone marrow testing.

"He was a banker. He was a money guy... so he would be very happy to know that funds will be directed
to families who need to cover these testing costs."

Anne Marie says she views the Ride as a way to remember, and a way to move forward. "My hope is that Ride for Roswell will be that for us," she says. That this will be our special time to remember Ross and to raise funds for the hospital that allowed him to stay in Buffalo and allowed our family to be together."