WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. -- Many congress members are dealing with protesters during their July break, angry about the GOP healthcare bill.

Collins is one of them. Protesters from WNY Independent Living gathered Thursday morning outside his Williamsville office.

They're upset in particular about what they say are cuts to Medicaid in the bill.

They were able to take it up with the congressman personally when he showed up and invited them in to talk for about half an hour.

"I'm always willing to meet with our constituents, to explain in this case that the facts do not line up with their concerns," Collins, R-27, said. "There are actually no cuts for Medicaid programs for the disabled."

Protester Todd Vaarwerk, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at Western New York Independent Living, said he believes meeting with Collins was a valuable opportunity to share information about their concerns.

"Our big victory coming out of that meeting was being able to educate him and the staff that the issues are wider than the facts he proclaims," he said.

The protesters say Collins agreed to meet with people with disabilities to talk more about their experiences with Medicaid.