Buffalo, NY - The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus continues to take shape as Women and Children's Hospital starts to transfer its operations and get a new name and address for this brand new year.

The doors open Tuesday for part of this emerging pediatric treatment center at 1001 Main Street in the Conventus Building. It's the new address for portions of the Oishei Children's Outpatient Center as seven care clinics for children officially open for business ranging from the blood draw unit to dermatology, dental, and opthalmology.

It's part one of this four phase process to transfer operations from the current Bryant Street location to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. We got a quick tour of part of the center last Friday.

This first phase may be the easiest part as Kaleida's Strategic Planning and Implementation Director Jessica Mabie points out.

"A lot of our furniture and equipment is new. But in terms of those things that we're re-using from our previous location, some supplies and materials can simply be packed and brought over, which we did. Other large pieces of equipment like certain types of medical equipment, you know you have lots more planning and care involved in moving those types of things."

Medical equipment, from simple scales to a photo therapy booth, must be carefully set up and even calibrated properly.

Again it's a phased move-in. Another eight outpatient clinics come to Main in April. Then the remaining 21 clinics in October. That's followed by the mega move in November which is the actual hospital with its inpatient beds and emergency department.

Mabie says, "In November our true logistics will come into play that relates to moving patients...inpatients from the current children's hospital over to the new Oishei."

The actual 12 story $270 million dollar John R. Oishei Children's Hospital, which wraps construction later this year, will be connected by a pedestrian bridge to the outpatient clinic. That's a big plus for parents and families of patients.

Kerri Lucas who brings her son for care says, "The one stop shop convenience is very exciting for us. Especially when you get to a stressful point in your child's health...you want things to be as easy as possible."

While this move takes place all in one year, planning for this new outpatient center and hospital goes back before 2010. Staffers have plans and even run drills to make sure the transfer is smooth as possible.

For more information you can check this website http://ChildrensIsMoving.com