TOWN OF CLARENCE, N.Y. — At a time when the demand for better cell phone service is growing, towns are also considering more moratoriums on cell towers.

The Town of Clarence is one of them.

The town's supervisor says it has to get a handle on what's coming and how to regulate what telecommunications providers want. However, this is at odds with the growing need people have for data with more people owning cell phones and tablets than ever before.

Clarence already has a local law on the height of cell phone towers, but they don't have any rules for what Verizon wants to do.

Verizon wants to install a device about the size of a 30-gallon drum on top of an about 40 foot pole on Shimerville Road near the Brookfield Country Club. This is a problem for an area that doesn't even have utility poles.

"The public doesn't even know about this yet, the permit was handled though the county and there's no regulations that anybody has to be notified," said Patrick Casilio, Clarence Town Supervisor. "The public would only know about it when they see the structure going up."

He added the ideal scenario is if the towers are in backyards, not obstructing views of homes or other areas.

Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., the town is having a special meeting to consider a moratorium on applications and processing for wireless telecommunication towers. The meeting will be held at Clarence Town Hall, 1 Town Place in Clarence.