BUFFALO, NY — City Honors students wore their red, white and blue Monday morning — initially the day was meant to honor America — it grew into more than that.

Many students at the school are Puerto Rican, and the school allowed students to wear red, white and blue to honor the U.S. territory recently devastated by Hurricane Maria.

It is "School Spirit Week," at City Honors. It was always expected that Monday would be the day to honor America, and late last week, school officials say that students were also allowed to have an added emphasis in honoring the American island Puerto Rico.

"Simply by wearing something definitely draws attention to what you support and who you support, giving Puerto Rico and everyone there, they are so influential in my life because I'm Hispanic and I have family there," said Alysia Rodriguez, a senior at City Honors.

"The student body really emerges and brings forth the ideas to younger students so it really diffuses through the whole student population here," said Jamil Kassem-Lopez, a City Honors senior.

In the meantime, the school is collecting supplies for Puerto Rico. Students themselves have been donating, and those supplies are being kept in a conference room at the school. Plus, a collection bin has been set up inside the school entrance so the public can donate. At the end of the week, the supplies will be transferred to The Belle Center on Maryland Street in Buffalo, and eventually to people on the island.