BUFFALO, NY - There's new security coming to some government buildings in downtown Buffalo. Leaders say the moves are not a response to any specific threat, but to improve safety.

The new security upgrades are being made to Buffalo City Hall and to Erie County's Rath Building. This after big changes that were made inside both buildings last year.

Lots of visitors means lots of chances to smuggle things inside. That's the reason Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz gives for the changes at the Rath Building.

"We've confiscated weapons, drugs other illegal paraphernalia and it's just required us to add some more bodies to be able to handle the amount of flow of individuals," he said.

Poloncarz says the extra measures include stationing unarmed department of public works security guards there, as well as, replacing the revolving doors on the Franklin Street side with standard doors. There will also be separate entrances for employees and visitors. The cost -- $170,000 which the legislature approved last year.

"If you go to most businesses today they'll have an employee and a guest entrance so our employees are not stuck in line," Poloncarz said.

"I'd say it's a secure building," Poloncarz said.

Over at city hall, Mayor Byron Brown says you'll see more of bollards that were installed last month. 160 by the end of the summer.

Brown said they are there partially for: "Helping to secure and make the building safer from somebody trying to drive into pedestrians or drive into the building."

"The separation between the bollards is wide enough that wheelchairs can get through, that bicycles can get through," Brown added. "We are living in a time where public and private buildings and facilities have to be secured."

The mayor says the bollards have been paid for using a Homeland Security grant.

Last year, metal detectors and security guards were stationed inside the lobby at City Hall and the Rath Building. We're being told there are no other security upgrades planned for either building at this time.