BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Terrace has been open in Delaware Park’s Marcy Casino for more than a month, but now, the City of Buffalo has started a construction project at the park that's forcing customers to take quite the detour.

So why did the City choose now, just after the new restaurant opened?

City spokesperson Mike DeGeorge told Channel 2 that it has to do with a grant. According to DeGeorge, the City tried to push the construction back, but because the park project was at least partially paid for by a grant, that grant set the timetable for when this work needed to be done, and that's why it's happening now.

“The timing could have been better for us, however we plan on being open for many years, so a couple weeks of inconvenience will be worth it in the end,” said proprietor of The Terrace, Jason Davidson. “It really is going to turn out beautiful."

Davidson says the city is redoing the stairs and sidewalks, adding handicap parking, and making the area more pedestrian friendly.

"They want to bring it back more to Olmsted's vision and make it a little…safer for the park-goers and for our patrons. I think it was a well-thought out design,” he said.

But for now, it means getting restaurant patrons to take the long way around, and on Thursday, that meant in steady rain, too.

"It's like a hunt to try to figure out where you walk to get into this place, so sadly for this place, brand new lovely place opening up, it’s like seek and hunt,” said patron Kari Lambright, who was attending a small party at The Terrace ahead of her upcoming wedding.

Delaware Park is even loaning The Terrace a golf cart for now to help transport people who have trouble walking, or who may be wearing high heels.

For those who can walk, the have to follow signs with arrows that that them through the rose garden and down to the far end of the Marcy Casino.

Davidson admits this has affected business, but he said he's taking the long-term perspective on this project. He's hopeful construction will be done by Memorial Day weekend, when The Terrace hopes to have a grand opening party.

“It's taken us a couple of years to get us to where we are now. We're thrilled to be finally open, the feedback has been phenomenal from the neighbors and from the public as a whole,” Davidson said.

The City did double up work to try and get this done sooner. Davidson says he was told this will be done before Memorial Day weekend, but DeGeorge says the City hopes to have it done by June.