BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Buffalo bar on Chippewa Street, The Night Club, has been shut down after weekend incidents, Buffalo Police said Monday.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said Monday fights and a stabbing are among concerning occurrences over the weekend that led to the bar being closed. A police department spokesperson said none of the injuries over the weekend were life threatening at the bar, which is located at 45 West Chippewa Street.

Brown said the establishment has a history of posing a health and safety risk to patrons which also contributed to it being issued an Order of Closure Monday.

The closing is effective immediately and the state liquor authority has been notified, Brown said.

"We thought it was prudent to issue the immediate closure today," Brown said.

He added the Order of Closure is temporary, but Night Club must reapply to the state liquor authority to open again -- which may or may not occur, Brown said.

He also said the bar on Chippewa is not part of a larger problem among establishments as there have been few other recent issues.

"For the most part things have operated pretty well on Chippewa," Brown said.

Brown also said while he thinks the Order of Closure sends a strong message, the City is not ultimately aiming to close any establishments on Chippewa or elsewhere.

"I think right now we are not in a circumstance where we have to hold a major meeting with the establishments on Chippewa," Brown said. "I think for the most part they are doing their due diligence."