BUFFALO, N.Y. - Tremont 'Trey' Seals is able to celebrate his eighth birthday at home and not in a hospital. The youngster was the victim of a hit-and-run accident on the Fourth of July that nearly claimed his life.

The Erie County District Attorney said this case is disturbing. "Someone knows something about this case, someone has information about this little boy and I can't fathom why no one is not coming forward and not talking about this little boy, as you can see it upsets me," said John Flynn.

Trey is back on his feet, walking and talking. He suffered a traumatic brain injury following the crash. His family was celebrating the holiday in the Trinidad Park neighborhood near Loring Avenue in the city, when someone saw a child's body under a car. Trey was hit by a car, but the driver never stopped. The impact of the hit pushed the child's body under another vehicle.

Tameka Jones said her son's injuries were critical. "He was in a coma, no voluntary movement at first, we basically got the worst news from the doctor."

Trey recalls the accident, "I just remember me standing on the curb and the car ....hit me."

The family prayed and never underestimated the power of prayer. Trey went rehab at the Children's Institute of Pittsburgh. Watching her son learn to crawl was heartbreaking, "that broke me down."

"Someone knows something and for this little boy's sake, just call me up and tell me, call me up and let me know so we can find out what happened here," said an upset Flynn. "That makes me feel good, like it's not just going unsolved," said Trey's mom.

"It's frustrating, but I just try to be happy that I got Tremont here. I just hope one day we'll get some type of closure," said Jones.

Trey remains on medication for the severe traumatic brain injury and he wears a neck brace. Wearing a Buffalo Bills cap, Trey said he wants his favorite team to win. He also had a word for the person who hit him, he called the individual "a hater."

Anyone with information should call Buffalo Police.

There is a GoFundMe account for the family to pay Trey's medical expenses.

The Buffalo School District will provide tutors for Trey at home.