BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The former St. Joe's quarterback Chad Kelly, the nephew of Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, is apologizing for his involvement in a brawl that resulted in Friday's Timon versus St. Joe's Varsity Football Game to be suspended.

Kelly was watching the game and ran onto the field after his younger brother, St. Joe's quarterback Casey Kelly, was hit out of bounds by a Timon player.

A bench-clearing brawl followed. Chad Kelly had to be held back by players and coaches after running onto the field from the stands.

On Monday, Chad Kelly spoke at Ole Miss in Mississippi, where he is the college's starting quarterback.

"That's a bad decision on my part that I made," he said. "If I could have did it differently, I would've. I obviously wouldn't have went and ran out on the field, of course. I regret doin' it. But at the same time, I'm sure any of us, if we seen a family member out there in need of help, we would have came to the rescue too."

The game was suspended when Timon was in the lead, 2-0.

No information has been provided on when the St. Joe's and Timon game will resume.