BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It's a law firm making headlines nationwide.

Cellino and Barnes brought their battle back to the courtroom in Buffalo Thursday, in the case that could end the famous partnership.

From a big-picture standpoint, not much in the case changed Thursday.

Cellino is still in the process of trying to dissolve and Barnes is fighting that.

But Thursday's court appearance was all about how the firm is operating during the tense legal battle.

Cellino sat in the court room Thursday, but Barnes did not attend.

Barnes' lawyers were seeking a preliminary injunction Thursday that would have expanded an order to prevent Cellino from taking action and that would harm the firm during this nasty fight.

Cellino's attorneys argued that he has done no such thing, and that there was no reason for the preliminary injunction.

The judge agreed.

Both sides seem to agree that the firm is operating successfully despite the enormous distraction.

"It's true that the firm will run," said Cellino's attorney Terry Connors. "That's what Ross wants as well. He wants his lawyers and clients protected until the ultimate day comes when the judge can consider issue of dissolution."

Barnes' lawyers did not comment on camera.

They even requested a media gag order, which was denied. In the meantime, the case is ongoing and could drag on for a long time.