BUFFALO, N.Y. - An NFTA Police officer made a startling discovery after approaching a car stopped along the Kensington near the 198 about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Officer David Capretto was on his way from downtown to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport when he saw a car in front of him on the Rt. 33 Expressway driving erratically. Capretto says the car in question hit a guardrail before coming to a stop. When the officer approached the car, he found the male driver, now identified as 23 year old Kaleb Evans, also acting erratically. Capretto says he was holding a naked, female baby. Capretto told reporters "He exited the car and I thought he was holding a teddy bear in his arm but it turned out to be a human ...this baby. When I approached him he said 'the baby the baby and started screaming' I wrapped the baby in my jacket and quickly drove to ECMC with the baby. "

The officer immediately took the child from the car, wrapped her in something warm, held her in his jacket, and took her to ECMC. She was eventually transferred to Women and Children's Hospital. The child was cold, but not hurt. But police said she could have died if she was out in the frigid cold for a few minutes longer. They say her body temperature was down to 70 degrees when she arrived at the hospital.

Capretto says Evans took off on foot from the scene. Buffalo Police describe him as a distant relative but they would not say how exactly Evans ended up with the child. They also would not give details about the parents of the child. A source told 2 on Your Side that Evans was babysitting the child so the mother could take a nap. The source says the child's mother woke up, discovered the two of them missing and called police. Lt. Jeff Rinaldo would not confirm that account and only said the Buffalo Police Sex Offense Squad is investigating as a potential case of child neglect.

Kaleb Evans, 23, was found and arrested at the NFTA bus station downtown on Ellicott St. shortly after 2 P.M. Police say he was carrying a bus ticket to Atlanta, Georgia. Evans was turned over to Buffalo Police. He now faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment and unauthorized use of a vehicle.